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Recently, I visited two blog sites: Dasie’s and Jada’s. I commented on Dasie’s “SHould schools have dress code” post and Jada’s “My favorite port” post. I liked Dasie’s posts because I thought it was really interesting to talk about this subject. She talks about how schools do have good dress code, but it could also be unfair to the students when they have limited options. Which I thought was interesting because it is really common in High School. My comment was “Hey Dasie! My name is Johanna. I think you are right; dress code is really strict in some schools. For example in my school so many people break those rules (big deal) but they never get called while I once broke the code (not a big deal) and I had to change my outfit which was really unfair. MY opinion is that the dress code is good but they should take it more seriously.” You guys should definitely go check her out on

Then, I visited Jada. I visited Jada’s blog because she commented on one of my posts saying that we shared interests together so I decided to visit her. In her post; she explains her favorite sport, which is Gymnastics. She gives us her schedules and routine she has when doing Gymnastics. I was really interested because I never thought that Gymnastics was really hard. My comment was “Hey, remember me it’s Johanna. I really like your post; it made me realize that gymnastics was not easy. I am sure its been really hard for you. Same for me we started basketball season and I have been working so hard to balance education and my favorite sport. Hope you can comment more on my blog!!” You guys should check her out on


Back L-R Madeleine Lucas 14, Maddison Tancredi, 16 and Tori Wade 14 front L-R Olivia Close 8, Jessica Barton Milla Heffernan 11 and Amali Harper 9 at Airborne Gym were a success at a tournament


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