My dream of what I will be doing once I leave school

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When I was kid; I dreamed to do so much stuff. Obviously, when we were kids we dreamed about being successful orĀ save the world. When I was a kid; I dreamed of being a singer. I always thought that I could sing very well and my parents said that I was a good singer but that was a lie šŸ™ As I grew older; I still loved singing but I knew I wasn’t going to make much out of it. So I started to have some interest in acting. I didn’t play in any plays because I was really shy but I was really good at it. In my middle school years, I started to get interest on Architecture. The way you could create houses made me excited about it. Unfortunately, I was not really good at math at that time which is one big topic to study in Architecture. So when I started High School, I realized I love Interior Design, it kinda of combines two of my favorite subject which is obviously Art (Painting and Drawing) and Tech Design. I already planned which country I was going to for university (Canada or Spain). Which university I want to go (Humber College; Ā Carleton University; Ryerson University or more). Which program I am going to choose; Interior Design (Duhhhh!!). And the rest is yet to know. It’s crazy but we never know!!!!!Ā 

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  1. Miss W.
    November 27 at 5:09 am (6 years ago)

    G’day Johanna,

    Great post and love the image but you haven’t included any links for me to click on.

    • johannaisd20
      November 28 at 12:51 pm (6 years ago)

      Hi Miss W.,
      The link to the image is under the image.


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