Which communities am I part of now?

There are so many communities around Senegal. I am not part of that many in Senegal but there’s one community in which I love. The community is the Rwandan community in Senegal. This community is awesome; since there’s a lot of Rwandan in Senegal; people have decided to create a big community.

This community is consisted of so many people; Rwandan or not, it’s still a big community. I have been living in this community since I was five and I have known and said goodbye to so many people throughout the community.

Basically, what we do is we go somewhere (sometimes my school, open for everyone but we have to pay) in which there’s a gym or a field. And for the entire day (probably 2PM to 8PM) we play games such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, running and games for kids. After that we have a speech from our ambassador or an entertainment, then we have a barbecue.

It is kinda of an event that happens 2-4 times each year. For example, last weekend we had one event and it was really fun. We opened the event by playing games consisted of kids jumping in bags of potatoes (no potatoes in there) and racing with a spoon with small balls. Then we played basketball and volleyball (I played all the games!!!). Then, I just wander around the school with my friends. Later on, the ambassador made a speech and me and my three friends we performed a song called “Heal the World!!”. And we ate meat kebab with drinks and had dessert.

This community is amazing because it gets us to interact with other people. Because of this community I have met a lot of great friends!!!


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  1. Miss W.
    December 4 at 3:16 am (5 years ago)

    Sounds like your Rwandan community is full of fun and fellowship. We also have sack races and egg and spoon races here in Australia. I wonder if you could find an image to include on your post?


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